Ok I know that pun was a bit corny – couldn’t help myself.


So what’s ROPO? Why, glad you asked. ROPO short for Research Online Shop Offline, sort of a cousin of Showrooming, and it is what 90% of people do when it comes to purchasing high involvement goods such as consumer electronics and home furnishings. Think about it – didn’t you as well last time you purchased something of significant value?

And we don’t just research in one place, in fact almost half of us use 3 or more channels when conducting our research; smartphone, website, tablet, store etc. All this research has resulted in a purchasing journey that is twice as long today than it was 10 years ago. In 2002 it took us 5.2 days to reach a decision, today the number is 10.3 – and 5.5 of those days are spent looking online. Just when we thought technology was making life faster it turns out to be doing just the opposite. Go figure!

Although the vast majority of purchases still take place in a physical store, there is a clear trend towards less brick & mortar sales and more online sales. Besides up to 80% of consumers indicate that the information they gather during their online research has a direct impact on the purchasing decisions they end up making, regardless of whether the purchase takes place in a store or online.

This speaks volumes for the need to engage consumers while online. If you are a retailer you better make sure your site is experienced as a destination for great content that will inspire, entice and inform your visitors.

Here are 5 tips to for making better online content:

1. – Make it engaging. Capture the imagination of the customer by offering them creative solutions.

2. – Make it relevant. Consumers will leave a site in a heartbeat if it does not answer their questions.

3. – Make it personal. Offer unique solutions that are tailored to the individual.

4. – Make it mobile. Cater to all channels. Anytime anywhere is the mantra for the modern shopper.

5. – Make it complete. Offer solutions to every step of the purchasing journey; from browsing to researching to purchasing.


Source: http://www.webloyalty.co.uk/images/webloyalty-conlumino-home-retail-research.pdf

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