Have you ever been in a situation where your emotions got the better of you and all logic and good reasoning seemed to disappear into thin air? Well, that’s what happened the day I became the owner of a miserable cow.

It all began with a farmer placing his cow right outside my house – at the time I lived in Barbados where it is not uncommon for cows to graze in the middle of residential neighborhoods. The farmer didn’t take very good care of this cow, didn’t give her water nor feed. She was very skinny and I felt terrible when ever I looked at her.

So one day I decided to don my cow-saving cape and confront the farmer. He offered a gazillion excuses for not taking proper care of his cow, none of them good enough for me, so as you do I offered to buy the cow. I really hadn’t thought it through, actually hadn’t thought of it at all and didn’t expect him to immediately jump at the chance to get rid of his cow. Talk about an emotionally driven impulse buy!

I took on my new role as cow owner very serious and read books on how to take care of a cow. I bought her proper feed, although the woman at the farmers market kept asking me if I wasn’t sure I had a horse, apparently not many women keep cows! I made sure she had plenty of water and a placed a very attractive umbrella in the field so she could enjoy some shade. And I named her Rose.

Rose the cow
Rose enjoying the cool shade

Rose quickly came to associate me with food, which resulted in her literally giving chase every single time she saw me. Now if you have ever been chased by an 800 lb. cow you know it can be quite scary. The more Rose regained her strength the more unruly she became. When I attempted to move her to a spot with fresh grass she would take off leaving me scrambling trying to hold on to the rope while she galloped through the neighborhood. She would often fall in love with some other cow or bull – what do I know, and muh at the top of her lungs at all hours of the night driving everyone insane with her endless serenades.

Boy did I have a serious case of buyer’s remorse!

Had I known what exactly I was buying into that day and had I not let my emotions run the game, I would most certainly not have become the Rose’s owner. So my point of telling you all of this is; as the seller make sure you give your customers ALL relevant information on your products or you can be sure they won’t shop with you again. And as the buyer keep your cool, don’t let impulses or emotions control your purchases or you might just end up with a miserable cow.

In the end Rose collided with a motorbike on one of her rampages, the police was called and I mysteriously disappeared, Rose was taken away the 5-0 never to be seen again. Although I felt kinda bad I was also¬†immensely relieved to no longer be Rose’s owner. Oh, and nothing happened to the man on the motorbike.

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