My big passion is connecting with customers in a meaningful way. Not just at the time of sale, but throughout the journey. From the marketing messages that needs to resonate and educate, to being a trusted advisor during the sale, to building a satisfying and rewarding relationships for the long-term.

Being customer centric is more than a fluffy feel-good idea. It is a business strategy that makes a whole lotta sense. Research confirms what we intuitively know, companies that deliver great customer experiences have higher revenues as a result of better customer retention, greater share of wallet, and positive word of mouth. On top of that, they have lower expenses due to happier customers who need less support.

When times are tough, it is also customer centric companies that fare best. Customers tend to stick with companies they like for as long as possible, making these companies the last ones to be left. When things get better it is also customer centric companies who tend to regain their old customers first. This makes the rough spots much smaller for these companies compared to “the other guys”.

On a personal note; I’m a firm believer in life as unusual. I do not care much for status quo, it goes against my curious nature. I love to learn and test new ideas, and I am not afraid to try.

I thrive in open-minded and challenging environments, where failure is accepted as a necessary part of growth, and complacency is the worst of all horrors.